Lista de cambios de Miquel

Ya estáis abriendo un post con vuestro nombre y la lista de cartas que buscáis y que tenéis repetidas

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Lista de cambios de Miquel

Mensaje por miquel1714 » Mar, 05 Nov 2019, 15:26

Mi lista de cambios actualizada...


TW (ed ilim, Esp o Ing):
TW020 Bilbo
TW050 Haldalam
TW091 Hobbits
TW121 Dwarven Ring of Dwálin's Tribe
TW212 Nenya
TW266 Fell Turtle
TW311 Bane of the Ithil-stone
TW420 Stone-circle

MELE (Esp o Ing):
LE029 Lieutenant of Angmar
LE049 Snaga
LE051 The Mouth
LE062 The Warg-king
LE063 "Two-headed" Troll
LE105 Binding-ring
LE114 Dwarven Ring of Drúin's Tribe
LE149 The Mithril-coat
LE150 The One Ring
LE152 The Reviled Ring
LE153 The Warding Ring
LE156 A Malady Without Healing
LE159 Akhôrahil Unleashed
LE173 Come by Night Upon Them
LE179 Dwar Unleashed
LE183 Foul Trophies
LE184 Freeze the Flesh
LE191 Honey on the Tongue
LE195 Indur Unleashed
LE202 Motionless Among the Slain
LE204 News of the Shire
LE209 Old Prejudice
LE210 One Dear to You
LE216 Remnants of Old Robberies
LE218 Rumor of the One
LE265 Elf-lord Revealed in Wrath
LE276 Landroval
LE284 Pirates
LE290 Thranduil's Folk
LE293 Uruk-lieutenant
LE305 Darkness Under Tree
LE326 Plague
LE383 Iron Hill Dwarf-hold
LE410 The Worthy Hills

AS (Esp o Ing):
AS013 Angmarim
AS021 Bairanax Roused
AS027 Itangast Roused
AS028 Leucaruth Roused
AS036 The Ithil-stone
AS056 Farmer Maggot
AS105 Knights of the Prince

Casi todas las raras, algunas C y F

Promos (cualquier idioma):
TW493 Pick-pocket
DM184 More Alert than most (HERO)
DM185 Angmar Arise
DM186 Bill Ferny (MINION)
DM187 Never seen him
LE421 Invocation de cartes promo (1)
LE422 Invocation de cartes promo (2)
LE423 Invocation de cartes promo (3)
LE424 Invocation de cartes promo (4)
LE425 Invocation de cartes promo (5)


Muchas F,I y C (consultar) y las siguientes R:

Ed Lim (ESP):
TW011 Arwen
TW159 The Arkenstone
TW168 Andúril, the Flame of the West
TW198 Hiding
TW339 Morgul Night
TW354 The Precious

Ed Ilim (ESP):
TW011 Arwen
TW025 Círdan
TW028 Denethor II
TW040 Frodo
TW083 Army of the Dead
TW110 Woses of Old Pûkel-land
TW117 Dwarven Ring of Barin's Tribe
TW118 Dwarven Ring of Bávor's Tribe
TW119 Dwarven Ring of Drúin's Tribe
TW148 Palantír of Osgiliath
TW160 The Mithril-coat
TW161 The One Ring
TW181 Fair Sailing
TW184 Fair Travels in Free-domains
TW193 Gollum's Fate
TW198 Hiding
TW203 Lucky Search
TW216 Paths of the Dead
TW222 Return of the King
TW226 Secret Entrance
TW250 Wizard's Voice
TW254 Akhôrahil
TW274 Indûr Dawndeath
TW278 Mûmak (Oliphant)
TW291 Rogrog
TW296 The Great Goblin
TW303 Witch-king of Angmar
TW310 Balrog of Moria
TW315 Clouds
TW321 Fell Beast
TW327 Lost at Sea
TW336 Lure of Power
TW339 Morgul Night
TW347 Siege
TW348 Snowstorm
TW354 The Precious
TW357 The Will of the Ring
TW363 Words of Power and Terror

Casi todas las I y C y las siguientes R (ESP):
TD006 Nenseldë the Wingild
TD046 Helm of Her Secrecy
TD050 King under the Mountain
TD051 Legendary Hoard
TD060 Mathom Lore
TD093 Itangast
TD098 Morgul-rats
TD107 Were-worm
TD113 Agburanar at Home
TD115 Bairanax at Home
TD119 Daelomin at Home
TD127 Eärcaraxë at Home
TD128 Exile of Solitude
TD129 Fever of Unrest
TD139 Itangast at Home
TD143 Leucaruth at Home
TD149 Passion of Wrath
TD151 Prowess of Age
TD152 Prowess of Might
TD165 Subtlety of Guile
TD167 Velocity of Haste

Casi todas las I y C y las siguientes R (ESP):
DM003 Baduila
DM008 Elerína
DM015 Golodhros
DM025 Taladhan
DM026 The Grimburgoth
DM028 Wormtongue
DM034 Aiglos
DM035 Dragon-helm
DM038 Gems of Arda
DM041 Mithril
DM042 Necklace of Girion
DM045 An Unexpected Party
DM049 Balance Between Powers
DM051 Choice of Lúthien
DM058 Fate of the Ithil-Stone
DM059 Fifteen Birds in Five Firtrees
DM061 First of the Order
DM066 Herb-lore
DM069 Hobbit-lore
DM071 Hour of Need
DM075 Into the Smoking Cone
DM077 Mallorn
DM081 Ordered to Kill
DM083 Pass the Doors of Dol Guldur
DM090 The Hunt
DM093 Token of Goodwill
DM097 Bûthrakaur the Green
DM099 Durin's Bane
DM110 Bring Our Curses Home
DM129 In the Heart of his Realm
DM131 Like the Crash of Battering-rams
DM132 Long Dark Reach
DM138 Out of the Black Sky
DM139 Pale Dream-maker
DM145 Revealed to all Watchers
DM152 The Black Enemy's Wrath
DM156 To Get You Away
DM158 Tribal Totem
DM166 Wraith-lord
DM171 The Iron-deeps
DM173 The Sulfur-deeps
DM174 The Under-courts
DM175 The Under-galleries

Muchas I, C (Esp & Ing), todas las F (Ing) y siguientes R (Ing):
LE013 Calendal
LE048 Shámas
LE058 Ulkaur the Tongueless
LE066 Agburanar Roused
LE067 Balchoth
LE070 Dunlendings
LE076 Hillmen
LE077 Ice-orcs
LE090 Scatha Roused
LE098 Uruk-hai
LE115 Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe
LE324 News of Doom
LE344 Waiting Shadow

AS (Esp)
Casi todas las I y C y las siguientes R
AS008 Creature of an Older World
AS012 The Balrog
AS016 Petty-dwarves
AS019 Angmarim
AS032 Petty-dwarves
AS037 Ancient Black Axe
AS043 Necklace of Girion
AS048 Thrall-ring
AS050 Troth-ring
AS058 Mount Slain
AS060 Orc-mail
AS065 Tower Raided
AS070 Faithless Steward
AS075 Hounds of Sauron
AS081 Powers Too Dark and Terrible
AS082 Riven Gate
AS087 The Great Eye
AS099 World Gnawed by the Nameless
AS100 Alatar the Hunter
AS106 Lady of the Golden Wood
AS109 Master of the House
AS111 Radagast the Tamer
AS112 Saruman the Wise
AS116 A Lie in Your Eyes
AS135 Unhappy Blows
AS136 Will Shaken
AS137 Cirith Gorgor

AS (Alemán):

Casi todas las I y C y las siguientes R
WH029 The White Wizard
WH035 Await the Onset
WH038 Bow of Alatar
WH049 Glove of Radagast
WH069 Prophet of Doom
WH072 Saruman's Ring
WH077 Stave of Pallando
WH017 Wild Horses
WH024 Liquid Fire
WH050 Gnawed Ways
WH074 Shifter of Hues
WH086 Winged Change-master
WH088 Wizard's Trove
WH091 Govern the Storms
WH021 Keys of Orthanc
WH019 Greater Half-orcs
WH028 The White Council
WH031 A New Ringlord
WH034 Arcane School
WH042 Earth-eater
WH062 Mischief in a Mean Way
WH071 Saruman's Machinery
WH089 Counterfeit
WH096 The Black Council
WH109 Inner Rot
WH112 Mask Torn
WH113 Nature's Revenge
WH114 Power Relinquished to Artifice
WH116 Something Else at Work
WH117 Whole Villages Roused
WH099 Goblin-faces

Las siguientes:
BA001 The Balrog
BA008 Mountain-maggot
BA025 Angband Revisited
BA026 Breach the Hold
BA027 Caverns Unchoked
BA034 Flame of Udûn
BA035 Foe Dismayed
BA036 Gangways over the Fire
BA039 Great Fissure
BA056 Roots of the Earth
BA059 Strangling Coils
BA085 Carn Dûm
BA086 Cirith Gorgor
BA087 Cirith Ungol
BA088 Dol Guldur
BA089 Minas Morgul
BA090 Moria
BA101 The Under-grottos
BA102 The Under-leas
BA103 The Under-vaults
BA105 Bûrat
BA109 Orc Tracker
BA110 Orc Veteran
BA112 Tûma
BA116 Giant Spiders
BA117 Half-trolls of Far Harad
BA118 Lesser Spiders
BA119 Marsh-drake
BA126 Covetous Thoughts
BA127 Doors of Night
BA129 Foolish Words
BA131 Full of Froth and Rage
BA132 Greed
BA135 Mordor in Arms
BA136 Muster Disperses
BA140 Stench of Mordor
BA145 Bold Thrust
BA148 I'll Report You
BA149 Piercing All Shadows
BA150 Skies of Fire
BA151 Sudden Call
BA153 The Under-roads
BA160 Orcs of Moria
BA161 Black Mace
BA163 Iron Shield of Old
BA168 Goblin-gate

También tengo algunas cartas P y láminas promocionales

Vicious Scars
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Re: Lista de cambios de Miquel

Mensaje por Vicious Scars » Mié, 06 Nov 2019, 01:32

Buanas noches!

Tengo cartas de las que buscas de Los Magos Limitada/Ilimitada, Ojo sin Párpado y Contra la Sombra.

No se si los MP funcionan, así que si me puedes pasar listas de los que buscas y ofreces en Español (con cantidad de cartas que dispones de cada) a podríamos hacer algo.

Un saludo!